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Saturday Market Finds March 18, 2006

Filed under: Farmer's Markets — Macky @ 3:04 pm

My sister has moved in, temporarily, and so I’ve been enjoying the pleasure of her company and will continue to do so for a month. This morning we strolled over to the Salcedo Market, which is a block away from my condo, and went looking for lunch. Didn’t find anything interesting, the same usual stuff – paella, inihaw, lechon, and the like. Then just as I was giving up we came to a stall selling authentic provincial food. I was so excited I bought way to much food. Dishes were Bicol home cooking. I got a dish made with ground santol rind with shrimp and pork, manta ray in gingery spicy coconut milk, a sweet pork with spicy coconut milk and Bicol’s most famous dish – laing. Actually all the dishes had hot chili and coconut milk. I particularly liked the santol and manta ray dishes. I don’t much like sweet dishes…
Here are pictures of my two favorites and a vegetarian lumpia with seaweed my sister was eating.


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