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Lasang Pinoy #11: Summertime Coolers & Memories of Summer June 30, 2006

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Cool drinks are what I love in the summer, especially coconut juice and drinks with coconut milk. A last hoorah for the end of summer…

I first had this drink when I was living in Boracay (yes, I was actually living on this beautiful island beach resort) about 10 years back. Gosh! Has it been that long? I lived in a cottage fronting the white sand beach for two sun-kissed years. I would have this drink in the late afternoons just before the sun begins to set. This is actually a Brazilian drink but uses ingredients easily and commonly used in the Philippines. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was a Pinoy creation. I have an ex-boyfriend to thank for this one, he substituted Tanduay rum for cachaca in the original recipe . I think he’s still lounging in Boracay…

1 13.5-0z can coconut cream
filtered water
approximately 2 shots Tanduay rum
6 tablespoons muscovado sugar
ice cubes

Shake coconut cream, rum, 1 can of water and sugar in a bottle until sugar dissolves.

Fill shaker with ice cubes and cream mixture.

Pour into glasses and add ice cubes.

This is my entry for Lasang Pinoy #11 which is being hosted by JMom at In My Kitchen.


4 Responses to “Lasang Pinoy #11: Summertime Coolers & Memories of Summer”

  1. JMom Says:

    Hi Macky, this drink sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing on this round of LP. You’re right, a drink like this is best enjoyed seaside at sunset. Haay, don’t I miss that!

  2. Tanna Says:

    So, this is a place specific drink. We’ve had some like that. I usually like things with coconut in it.

  3. iska Says:

    great drink macky!
    so u lived in bora… a cousin of mine lived there for years as well. cool!

  4. mike mina Says:

    Interesting entry! i am not much of a drinker but i have been indulging on cocktails lately . . . tee hee! this drink and recipe gave me an idea to experiment on something later . . . thanks for joining Lasang Pinoy!

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