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Postcards From Vienna August 11, 2006

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In my last post I joined the Blogger Postcards of the World exchange and yesterday I got some in my mail. What a pleasant surprise to find not one but 4 postcards from my secret sender. Johanna of The Passionate Cook wrote all about her homeland Vienna although she lives in London. I love to travel and discover new things and places so her write up was much appreciated. I must admit Vienna was not one of my list of places to visit and that’s because I didn’t know much about it. Thank you Johanna for sparking an interest in me. Vienna has much to offer in the way of culture and architecture which spans from the Baroque period to the present modern day. It is the birthplace of Johann Strauss, whose music, according to Johanna, “embodies everything that is Vienna and the Viennese”. She adds, that the Viennese concert every New Year is transmitted to over 40 nations. I will certainly try to catch that this New Year’s. What a wonderful thing! Johanna also wrote about Vienna’s coffee culture. I do love hanging out in cafes and I do have an awful sweet tooth for good pastry. She writes that the foremost intellectuals 100 years ago use to spend hours lingering in cafes over a cup of coffee, sharing thoughts. Nowadays, friends gather in cafes for coffee, pastry and chatting. Not a bad idea. Johanna shall I meet you there someday?


5 Responses to “Postcards From Vienna”

  1. K & S Says:

    cool 4 cards! enjoy!

  2. Tanna Says:

    Johanna must be terrific – her cards are wonderful and it sounds like you now have lots of reasons for a visit to Vienna!

  3. Ivonne Says:

    What beautiful postcards!

  4. johanna Says:

    Hi Macky, of course I’d love to arrange a meeting in a beautiful Viennese Cafe one day – my treat!
    Glad you received your cards so quickly, I am only just about to publish the picture I was supposed to put online before sending them… ah! technology! Great to see you enjoyed them! All the best…

  5. I need orange Says:

    My postcard arrived today! It is beautiful. Thank you!

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